Odd Prompts – Week 38

This week I spotted a fun looking spare on More Odds Than Ends When you started talking to the monster hiding under your bed, you never expected it to tell you what it was hiding from.

While I was working on it I happen to spy this weekly word prompt on Sarah Hoyt’s page: Your writing prompt this week is: Wide-eyed. It fit in perfectly with finding a monster under your bed.

It started with a scratching sound, like claws on dry wood, followed by a low coughing moan.  Then the bed started to shake and something was thumping on the bottom.  Lizzie rolled over and peered over the side.  This was the third night in a row.  She didn’t bother going to get her parents.  Mommy would just say that if something was hiding it was afraid and she should confront it.  

Mommy laughed at the old TV shows about hunting ghosts and monsters.  She said that they were wrong.  Not wrong as in not real, wrong as in that’s not how it works. 

Daddy wasn’t home, which was probably good since he got angry any time monsters were mentioned.  He’d be upset if he thought one was in the house.

Lizzie grabbed the flashlight from under her pillow, the one with the red light, like Mommy used and shone it on the floor.

“I ain’t ‘fraid of ya, so you may as well come out.”  The sounds and thumping stopped.  She moved the light around to see if anything had indeed come out from under the bed.  “Come on out.”  A sound that resembled a dog snuffling a cold trail answered her.  “If ya don’ come out I’ma comin in.”  She rolled back on the bed and sat up.  Before she could swing her feet over the side something scooted out.

She stared wide-eyed as something that looked like a cross between hair snarl and gigantic monkey rose up and blinked in the light.  The red tinted light reflected off of barely visible teeth, giving the creature an evil looking smile, and long nails.

“Wow.  Ahm, Hi.”  She was glad her voice sounded normal because her heart had jumped into her throat.  The two stared at each other for several seconds.  “Ah, can you talk?”

The creature nodded its head.  “Uhun.”

“I’m Lizzie.”  She scooted back on the bed a bit and gave a small wave.  “What’s your name?”

“Nawejrowifj.”  It took a small step forward. 

Lizzie shook head had at the sound.  “I can’t say that.  Can I just call you Fred?”

Nawejrowifj nodded.  “You real no scare?”

“You are scary looking, but Mommy says that if something was hiding it’s afraid and I should confront it.”  She shrugged, as if unconcerned, and moved a few inches back.  Nawejrowifj really was scary looking.   And he was big, almost as big as Mommy.

Nawejrowifj shifted and inched to the foot of the bed.  “Light hurt.”  He pointed at the flashlight Lizzie was holding.

“Oh.  I’m sorry.”  She leaned over and sat the light on her nightstand with the beam pointed to the ceiling.  “Better?”

“Better.”  He sat on the edge of the bed and looked around.

“So what’re you afraid of Fred?  Why you hidin under my bed?”

“Truant chaser.”

“Dude, no way.”  Lizzie laughed.  “Yer playin hooky?”

Nawejrowifj pulled in his arms and legs, trying to look small.  “Uhun.”

“Why?  School’s not so bad.”

“Big monster hit Nawejrowifj, chase Nawejrowifj.”  Nawejrowifj looked away, becoming a large shadow.  “Nawejrowifj afraid, run.”

“Why here?”

“Big monster know home of monster hunter, no come.”

Lizzie started at him for a while, thinking as her heart and stomach went back where they belonged.   He was just a kid, like her; a big, scary looking kid, but still just a kid.  “Ok, here’s the deal Fred; you can come here when you need to hide, but you have to be quiet.  Mommy won’t understand.”

Nawejrowifj’s shadow nodded.

“We can talk.  An’ maybe I can teach you how to fight back.”

Nawejrowifj looked up, his eyes and teeth reflecting red in the light as he smiled.


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