Mini Rant

No wonder this world is coming apart.

In a group with other Christians and got torn into for saying that celebrating a person’s death is wrong, that it goes against Biblical teaching. Quote Proverbs, Matthew. People start saying “oh, but this person is evil”, “look at the harm this person has caused” A few of them stopped just short of saying that I wasn’t Christian, or Christian enough. One said I was cherry picking quotes and taking them out of context.

Okay, try from a different angle, take religion out of it: remember how I felt when the towers were hit and I saw people dancing in the street., how I felt when people celebrated when someone respected died. People came back saying there was no comparison between the celebrating over thousands of innocent lives and the death of one evil person.

I consider it an extension of the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”: Treat others as you would have them treat you. Take it one more step: Behave as you would have others behave.

Individual came back and said “What you ask for is the end of all morality. The simple abandonment of the good to the evil.”

I ask you, how is following “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls” and deciding that “Do unto others” includes considering behaving as you would want others to behave, abandoning good?

Christians can’t even agree on what is and what is not proper behavior. No wonder the world is going to hell. 😦

/rant end


11 thoughts on “Mini Rant

    • I feel sorry for the person who was doing to most arguing with me. He honestly seemed to feel that not celebrating this death was wrong; abandoning evil.

      I am far from a biblical scholar, so I can’t recall where I saw it, but I seem to remember something about Christians setting an example by not behaving as our opponents behave.

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  1. Friends who are evangelicals have said the same thing as you. I find that a lot of these same people (those celebrating a death) will then accuse others of “chair isn’t even cold yet” practices when others argue for moving on. It’s sad and frighteningly contradictory.

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    • Excuse me while I sit here and laugh a moment. I am so far from evangelical that I’m not even sure we’re on the same field. (I still see myself as that Tax collector, who am I to try to teach others?) Biblically speaking, I’m lost in the high weeds clinging to these few “Truths” I’ve found, hoping and praying that I can find my way Home.

      “I find that a lot of these same people (those celebrating a death) will then accuse others of “chair isn’t even cold yet” practices when others argue for moving on. ”

      If memory serves me correctly, something similar happened in ’16, and some of the ones now cheering were saying “hold on”.

      I’m not looking forward to the next few weeks. In fact, I may end up going dark on some social media sites. (baring the few save havens like the Diner and MHI)


      • Re: Evangelicals. What I was trying to say was that my friends who are evangelicals (I have a very eclectic group of friends) are experiencing the same sort of in-group vitriol as you described. People rejoicing in a death, friends trying to say that’s not a good thing…getting told, this person was evil. It’s all crazy.

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  2. I’m afraid that Christians are not immune to these vitriol-inducing, polarized times of ours. We should be, but many of us aren’t.

    When the wall in Germany came down people celebrated the end of an evil, oppressive system. This was righteous celebration over the downfall of an evil system. The death of an unrepentant sinner is a soul lost to Hell and that’s not something that any God lover would celebrate, especially a Christian whose God explicitly “…desires that all men be saved.” [1Tim. 2: 3&4]

    And no, I’m not saying that RBG is in Hell. I wouldn’t dare. I remember well what a wise old priest told me years ago when I was entering the Church: “One of the surest ways to end up in Hell is to go around presuming to know who is already there.”

    All I will commit to saying is that the former Justice promoted the seriously evil practice of abortion and I am glad that she can no longer do so. Let us pray that she will be replaced by someone (the soon to be Notorious ACB!) who will help put an end to systemic infanticide that has underlined our nation’s modern history in the blood of the most innocent.

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