Winds of Desperation – Chap 2

Chap. 2 Star maneuvered the company car around a slower moving minivan, muttering to herself about the seemingly slow way people were driving.  “It’s rain, people, not ice, you can drive closer to the speed limit.” “Perhaps,” Robin spoke up from the passenger’s seat, “they are wishing you would drive a bit closer to that … Continue reading Winds of Desperation – Chap 2

The Professor is holding class.

The author of one of the blogs I follow dissected a recent ABC News article. I'm torn between wondering if this stuff is put out by the new Pravda or the Ministry of Truth. Here part of the Prof's take. Fisking WuFlu “News” I have read and enjoyed many fiskings of articles over the years, … Continue reading The Professor is holding class.

Kitten Heaven — Lee Duigon If you see a bowl marching across the floor, pick it up. There’s probably a kitten under it. All right–let’s see who’s still awake by the time this video is over. P.S.–The kittens are named after the characters of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.Kitten Heaven — Lee Duigon


Dreams are funny things.  They’re ephemeral, always seeming to be just out of reach and yet we chase them like the Holy Grail. What happens when you manage to catch one and it turns out to be brass instead of gold? When do you decide that you will never find that grail? How do you … Continue reading Dreams