Snippet: Emergency React Team

This started several weeks ago with an image in my head. I left it to brew for a while, decided that the original approach would not really work, and almost tossed it. Poked at it some more and finally got something I could live with. Robin stared mutely at the horrifying images on the screen.  … Continue reading Snippet: Emergency React Team

Yet another snippet

Slice of life type for the 4 Winds girls at a young age. The first scene has pretty much existed nearly unchanged for several years but has never been put to paper because it was just one small scene. And as cute as it is, it didn't quiet explain why Star and Robin hit it … Continue reading Yet another snippet


A few snippets have been gently knocking in the back of my mind in the last week.  The first is a brief look back to a young Star Price when her family was stationed at U.S. Army Garrison-Okinawa “Kami, Momma.”  Star pointed to a shadow near the school entrance. “Yes, dear.” Patricia Price nodded absently … Continue reading Snippet


Dreams are funny things.  They’re ephemeral, always seeming to be just out of reach and yet we chase them like the Holy Grail. What happens when you manage to catch one and it turns out to be brass instead of gold? When do you decide that you will never find that grail? How do you … Continue reading Dreams