Who am I? Excellent question.   I go by Wyldkat.   Come on in and sit a spell.

I am an ex-cop. I have been out of uniform for over 20 years, so what I knew then has probably changed, but that doesn’t stop me from having some .. interesting opinions on matter of law and the US Constitution.  I believe the U.S. Constitution is the Law of the Land. The Higher Laws were written on a stone tablet over 3000 years ago.

I come from Western European base stock with a hint of Cherokee (Way back in the 1700’s) thrown in.   I’m the Daughter of a career Air Force officer and a woman who was on the early cusp of the Women’s Lib movement.   I learned the difference between being “equal” in rights and biasing the playing field at an early age.   The grand-daughter of a railroad man who was a Master Mason and a Shriner, I carry on that tradition in Order of the Eastern Star and Daughters of the Nile.  Also, I am Southern by heritage.  I am Damned proud of it too.

Christian in foundation, but I do not ascribe to any particular order.  G_d gave us faith, man made religion, and we’ve been making a mess of it ever since.  I may share my views faith, but I do not debate religion. Simply put, do not try to force your views on me and I won’t force mine on you.

I am somewhat of a Libertarian with conservative leanings.  No, that is not synonymous with Anarchist.  It means I am opposed to a strong federal government; I favor individual and state rights over federal laws.  It also means that I think the two major parties are wrong and are corrupt.

I am an aspiring writer. I may, or may not, put samples of my work up. I’m still considering that.

I’m an amateur photographer. Any photos, good or bad, that show up here, unless I indicate otherwise are mine. While I do not mind if people borrow the pictures, please do me the courtsey of asking first. My favorite subjects are water, nature and my cat. (ye gads, do I take have photos of my cat. I suspect she thinks that the camera is a part of my face.)

I am a SF fan. I have been reading SF for over 30 years. On that subject, I am a Sad Puppy supporter. (Other SF fans will probably get this)

Think you know me now? Think again Mein Freund. These are but aspects of who I am. The “real” Wyldkat “is far more complex. Come into my lair, sit by the fire and share. Perhaps something I say will tell you more; perhaps I will learn something from you.
((I don’t go by the nick name wyldkat for no reason – I have the disposition of a bobcat, with all that that implies. 😉  I have opinions, plenty of them in fact, and I will on occasion post them.  You’re welcome to comment, but keep in mind that I am probably as stubborn as you are and am unlikely to change my mind, especially if you are unable to make said comment without attacking me.))



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