Odd Prompts Week 13

This week’s prompt was from Becky Jones.  She asked: The very polite and friendly-looking, if a bit odd, gentleman on your doorstep is selling insurance for …..

This practically begged to be a companion piece to Water Wars.

Door to door sales

A knock at the door interrupted the weekly game.  The lady of the household excused herself to answer the knock.

At the door she found a gentleman of indeterminate age.  His receding hair line made him look as if in his forties, but the lack of grey in that hair and the smooth skin gave him the air of being in his thirties.  The smile on his face appeared genuine.  As did the leather of the battered briefcase sitting next to his feet.

“Good afternoon, madam.  Have I the pleasure of addressing the lady of the house?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Ah, good.”  He sketched a bow.  Mrs?”

She smiled slightly and inclined her head.  “Kuttner”

“Mrs. Kuttner, my name is Neil Harine.  I’m with GannStudio Insurance.  I’m sure you’ve been watching the news and seen all the reports of disasters; floods, earth quakes, droughts, kaiju attacks, swarms of insects.  We all know that natural disasters are covered by home owners insurance.  Have you ever wondered about the unnatural disasters?”  His smile turned into a carefully sculpted expression of concern as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a brochure.  On the cover were photos taken during a kaiju battle.  “Tokyo and Osaka had a hard time rebuilding after these incidents.”  Inside were photos of an arid plain covered in fish and uprooted hardwood trees.  “This was the result of a mage battle.”

“Oh, how terrible.”  Mrs. Kuttner frowned in concern.  “But aren’t those really rare occurrences?”

Neil closed the brochure.  “Of course these are just the worst case scenario.  I had a buddy who had to decline a claim of flooding because it wasn’t due to natural causes.  Seems he’d angered a water spirit.  She caused one of his paintings to flood.  You never know when you’re going to run into a supernatural creature.  Many of them can pass as human.”

“Oh, well, that is concerning.  I should probably discuss this with my husband, but he’s in the middle of something important.   I’ll tell you what, let me have your card and some information and we’ll look over it when he’s free.

Neil smiled again and reached into the outer pocket of his briefcase.  He pulled out a prepared folder and held it out.  “Everything you need to know is right here.  We can cover you and your family for everything from gremlins to monster attacks, up to being caught in a mage war or kaiju attack.  When you and Mr. Kuttner are done, just give me a call, we can fill out most of the paperwork over the phone.”

“Thank you, Mr. Harine.”  Mr.s Kuttner smiled, took the folder, and shook his hand.

She laid the folder on a side table as the door closed.

“Catherine?”  Her husband’s voice came from the study.

“Coming Henry.”  As she turned the image of a dowdy housewife faded and was replaced by statuesque red head; the near image of the legendary Red Sonja.

“Who was it, dear?”

“A gentleman selling Unnatural Insurance,” she called back from the kitchen.

“Unnatural events?”  Their guest looked up from his notes and frowned.

Catherine cocked her head to one side as she set a tray of coffee and sandwiches on the table.  “Kaiju battles, monster attacks, mage wars, things like that Lyon.”

Lyon raised an eyebrow and glanced towards the second woman sitting on the couch.  “Hmm, that sounds like something we may want to look into.  Cathy?”

“We can discuss it later,” Cathy waved her hand dismissing the topic.  “Where were we before the interruptions?”

“The Hero was about the mount an assault on the castle,” Catherine prompted.

“And the Bad Guy was starting to summon an elder god,” Henry added.

The writers fell back to their task.


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