Jaequan’s Hot Dog Stand is Legit. Permit Patty Go Home. [VIDEO] — Victory Girls Blog


Permit Patty, go home. Minneapolis doesn’t need your meddling, because Jaequan Faulkner has got this covered.

Jaequan Faulkner is a thirteen-year-old budding entrepreneur whom any parent would be proud to call their own. He’s the owner/operator of a hot dog stand in North Minneapolis, and what’s more — he’s been doing this for two years already.

It all started in 2016, when Jaequan asked his uncle, Jerome Faulkner, if he could borrow his hot dog roaster. Jaequan got the okay, and it was off to the races for him. He began selling hot dogs that summer to get money for clothes, but now he operates his stand out of sheer love for business. And people:

“I see someone go by with a frown on their face. I’m there with a smile, then I see a smile on their face. I just made a smile on somebody’s face by selling them a hot dog.”

But every party has its pooper, and a few weeks ago some buzzkill reported Jaequan’s hot dog stand to the Minneapolis Department of Health for not having a permit.

And so bureaucrats are gonna bureaucrat and the city shut down the teenager’s hot dog stand, right?

Read the rest here: Jaequan’s Hot Dog Stand is Legit. Permit Patty Go Home. [VIDEO] — Victory Girls Blog


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