Night Hunts – Chapter VI

The werewolf is being perused by two parties; Thad and the Collegium. Who will find him first? Can anyone stop his rampage? Previous chapters: I, II, III, IV, V Chapter VI "Buena dios, Senora," Thad smiled, and nodded, as the door to the landlady's apartment slowly opened.            "¿Que?" The landlady asked.  Even out of uniform … Continue reading Night Hunts – Chapter VI

Night Hunts – Chapter V

The rouge dog, now suspected of being a werewolf, has caught the attention of the Northern Virginia Branch of the Collegium Custodius and they start their own investigation. Will they run against Thad, who is still doing his own investigations, or will they help him? Previous chapters: I, II, III, IV Chapter V  The sun … Continue reading Night Hunts – Chapter V