Reposting: The Mote in All Our Eyes

haikujaguar makes some very interesting observations in her blog post the other day.  The dear lady remained calm and polite during the landslide the followed.  I commend her. ============ Originally posted by haikujaguar at The Mote in All Our Eyes This seems a good time for this, if ever there is a good time for … Continue reading Reposting: The Mote in All Our Eyes

Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year one and all. As the new year dawns the first volleys of year over the 2016 Hugo Awards have been fired.  (Not the first volleys for the '16 awards, nor the last, just the first for the calendar year.) & -sigh-  It didn't take long. In case it isn't obvious … Continue reading Welcome to 2016

Human intelligence has devolved

Reading through my blog roll today gave me a clue as to how far human intelligence has devolved. The first one, mentioned by Nicki on Liberty Zone, gives an example of what I typically called “Platinum Plated Stupidity”. I read it. Most of what this woman says is proof of how far down our … Continue reading Human intelligence has devolved