Odd Prompts 21: Week 2

This week’s prompt was fun, but not in the usual way.  Earlier in the week I’d been playing around with a throw-away scene, and had what I thought was a hilarious line.  Too late, I realized that I was late submitting my prompt for the week.  Luck favored me in that we got a few … Continue reading Odd Prompts 21: Week 2

Snippet: Interpreter

Adrian pushed the door closed with his heel.  His youngest glanced up from their dining table where she was sitting with her books scattered around her dinner. “Bad day.”  It sounded more like a statement than a query.  Her gaze flicked briefly past his shoulder, like she was checking the door. “Yeah.”  Adrian sighed.  He … Continue reading Snippet: Interpreter


A little backstory in the 4 Winds/Collegium universe. Star glanced out the window, only mildly curious about where they were going.  She knew Gabe wouldn’t do anything that put them in danger, so she let her mind wander. “What would you say, my dear, if I told you that there was a way for you … Continue reading Initiation