Odd Prompts – Week 52

The prompt was "The final exam for the Vampirology Diploma included staking and beheading at least one vampire… Show your work." The comedians from 4 Winds have an answer. “Here’s one,” Star looked over her shoulder and grinned.  “I had Bigfoot’s’ baby.” “Old news,” Gabe barely up from the stack of books he was skimming.  … Continue reading Odd Prompts – Week 52

Christmas present to myself.

For the 3rd year in a row my family put together a couple of bags of food and household goods for a local food pantry. While I wish they were more responsive to contacts outside their church members, this is a local church run pantry so they don't get the exposure larger pantries get. We … Continue reading Christmas present to myself.

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have, are currently, and who intent to wear the uniform and stand guard over this great nation. Thank you to the families who also serve by standing watch while your service member is away. God Bless and protect you all.