The States Decide — Professor Ornery Dragon

With the Supreme Court handing down its rulings on abortion and gun control today, my Facebook feed has been filled with sturm und drang. So far, I’ve seen references to The Handmaid’s Tale, Christian autocracy, women being forcibly returned to the dark ages, and a ton of wailing, moaning, tearing of hair, and the wearing

The States Decide — Professor Ornery Dragon

and ashes (or maybe those ridiculous pink pussy hats). You would think that the world had ended.

But let’s back up for one second. Roe only said that states could not restrict access to abortions within the first trimester of pregnancy. After that, states could restrict or open up to their heart’s content. So, Roe was not a blanket rule giving women unfettered access to abortions for all.

But for some the world has ended. At least as far as their worldview is concerned. Let’s look at what the Court actually said with its decision in Dobbs. Alito’s leaked draft was indeed the controlling decision in this case (that means he wrote the majority opinion, and the other justices wrote concurring opinions. The three justices who dissented wrote one opinion for the three of them).

The States Decide — Professor Ornery Dragon

One thought on “The States Decide — Professor Ornery Dragon

  1. I know. I believe you read my piece at my alternate blog My Morning Meditations, although I was a bit more expansive on the topic. Everyone seems so doom and gloom, or alternately, “we’ve got to burn down SCOTUS and the churches.” I don’t feel nearly as passionate, but I thought maybe it was because I’m a guy.

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