Odd Prompts – Week 52

The prompt was “The final exam for the Vampirology Diploma included staking and beheading at least one vampire… Show your work.”

The comedians from 4 Winds have an answer.

“Here’s one,” Star looked over her shoulder and grinned.  “I had Bigfoot’s’ baby.”

“Old news,” Gabe barely up from the stack of books he was skimming.  “I meet him a few years ago.  Nice kid.”

“You’re supposed to be helping find information on this creature, Price, not reading trash tabloids.”  There was a hint of frustration in Robin’s voice.  “I swear I had something,” she waved a hand at the shelves lining the walls.

“Hey, you know that’s one thing Men In Black got rights: the tabs are a great source.   Ohoo, here’s good one.  A course in Vampirology.  12 week study in how to identify, locate and kill a vampire.  Final exam for the class will included staking and beheading of at least one vampire.  Vampire not included.”

The men started laughing while Robin executed a face palm worthy of Jean Luc Picard.

“Sounds a bit extreme to me,” John laughed. 

Robin looked over to the far wall and raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know, what do you think Bella?” She turned her gaze to a humanoid skull with a pair of prominent canines sitting in a small niche in her shelves. 

The skull did not answer but the eye sockets did flare briefly.

“By the way,” Star turned back to the computer.  “Where is the rest of him?”

“Chaos Realm.  I wasn’t taking any chances.”

“I’ve been dying to know,” Gabe closed a book and set it aside.  “What do you tell people when they ask where you got a skull?”

Robin turned and gave him a bland, almost bored, look.  “The previous owner had no more use for it.”


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