Odd Prompts Week 50

I really wanted to work on Murder Chicken again, for reasons, but none of the prompts at MOTE fit the existing story. After looking at the header image I finally decided that could work, with a bit of tweaking.

Part 1 & 2

Murder Chicken – Pt3

“Star, can you bring your rescue kit?”  She eyed the beaten and bloodied vulture.  “I have a new patient for you.”

Star arrived a few minutes later.  “What happened?”  She set the carry box and medical bag down to take a look at the bird.  Fido shifted out of the way but kept a paw near incase the vulture decided to try to escape.

“Rhea’s murder suspect decided that he didn’t want to be dinner.  Your patient found out that some chickens are mean.”

“Any injury to the chicken?” Star asked over her shoulder.

“I don’t think so, but I couldn’t see.”  Robin leaned against the wire and looked at the feathered basketball.

“Got a few punctures, looks like the chicken spurred him.  Can’t find anything broken.”

“Good.”  Robin moved around the side of the pen to get a different angle.  The chicken shifted to keep eye contact.  “He’s not making it easy but I think I see something wet and shiny on his feathers.”

Star wrapped the worst of the wounds and put the vulture in the carry box.  “I’ll see if I can get a look.”

Fido stood up and looked from the humans to the chicken, then back.  A moment later he was lopping over to the wire.  When Robin opened the gate, he slipped in and made a beeline for the chicken. 

At first the bird stood up and tried to make himself look larger, puffing his feathers out, and clicking at the daemon.  Fido pulled up a few strides away and then flicked his ears, arched his back, and started trilling.

The chicken tried to dart around to the side only to discover that Fido was as fast as his mongoose cousins.  He whipped around and snapped his teeth millimeters from the bird.

The bird tried again to make an attack and was met with teeth again.  Finally he tried to just get past just only to find his way blocked by a golden body.  The cat and mouse game continued for a few minutes before the chicken backed up against the wire on the far side and just glared at Fido and the humans.

“No attack.  Star safe come.”

“Are you a daemon or a border collie?” Star half laughed at Fido’s success at getting the agitated chicken cornered without conflict.

Robin’s eyebrow flicked up for a second.  “It’s possible he’s both.  As far as I know, there’s little stopping daemons of similar type from breeding.  Of course it’s unlikely that the ancestor in question is an actual border collie, more likely to have been a predecessor of the Border collie.”

Star chuckled.  “Leave it to you to answer a rhetorical question with a lesson in deamonology.”

Robin just gave her long stare, both eyebrows raised.

Star grinned at her best friend and went into the enclosure, walking up to the cornered chicken. 

Just as Star reached the bird, Skylar popped out of the Chaos Realm, made a quick pass around the pen then settled on the wire just above the chicken.  The deamon made a small snapping sound with one of her thumb claws giving the chicken a warning against violence on her human.

The chicken looked between Star, Fido and Skylar.  Fido was chittering a soft warning and Skylar hissed at every movement.  Somewhere in the back of the tiny brain neurons fired and told him to stay still.

Star gave him a quick examination, looking for obvious wounds, broken bones and bald patches. 

“The only thing I’m finding is juice from those berries back here.”  She held up a gloved hand to show a red stain, then pointed at the bush on the border of the yard and the  nature preserve.  “Might spook someone who didn’t get a good look, but I can’t find any injuries.”

“Good.”  Robin backed up to the gate and opened it without turning around.  “It would take Rhea a long time to forgive me if her main suspect was harmed while in custody.”

Star had the vulture loaded and was on her way to a friend who specialized in vulture rehabbing before Rhea arrived with the tarps to cover the enclosure.

Robin decided, in the interest of familial harmony, to remain silent on the incident.

I have some ideas of where this might be going, just need to encourage them a little more.

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