Odd Prompts Week 49

This week’s prompt took only a little thought, but a bucket of research and study of maps, street view and sat images.

Looking out of the bus stop through the pouring rain, you saw the blind man about to cross the street in front of the oncoming truck. You…

Star ducked into one of the rare bus shelters just as the sky opened up.  It was only a mile from the dealership to the office, a distance that would normally be considered a brisk walk for her.  Her truck was due for routine maintenance and she didn’t feel like waiting around the shop for a couple of hours while they worked her in, so she opted to go in to help speed up the transition to the new office.

The shelter was more like a gazebo and offered no real protection from the weather, but if she stood near the middle she didn’t get as wet.  The buses didn’t run on the weekends, so no one else was standing there.

She looked out through the rain towards the parking lot across the street.  Most of the people had scattered as soon as the rain started.  An older man with a cane came up to the intersection and fumbled for the button to activate the crosswalk lights.  The signal beeped as the lights changed and Star realized that the cane was white with a red tip: the man was blind.

A pickup coming north on Harrison came towards the intersection barely slowing from the posted 25mph.  The driver was trying to catch the light before it could turn yellow. 

Star realized that the driver probably didn’t see the man in the crosswalk.

Before she had a chance to think, she dropped her purse and bolted from the shelter. 

“Look out,” she yelled.  A small, logical, part of her brain tried to tell her that telling a blind person to look was wrong.  She quashed that voice as she ran towards him.

Fortunately, traffic was light so only that driver was close enough to see what happened next.

“On-coming car,” she told the man as she grabbed his arm.  They were halfway across the west bound lanes; too far from the curb to snatch him back and not close enough to the east bound lanes to reach safety.  Star opened a Gate a stride before them and half pushed, half pulled the man into the Chaos Realm.

Once she knew they were safe, Star turned to the man.  “Are you okay?  I’m sorry I was so rough, but I was in a rush.”

The man cocked his head, as if listening for something.  “You said there was a car?  I don’t hear any traffic.”

 “The traffic is clear right now.” Star grimaced and half looked around.  Nothing was moving in the immediate area, there was just the usual grey mist drifting around, so they were safe for a few minutes.  “Where’re you going on such rainy day?”

He turned his face up, towards where they sky should be.  “Twern’t rainin’ when I left home, an’ it seems ta’ve stopped now.”

“Yeah, but I got a feeling it’ll start back up here in a minute.”

“Shame, I still gota get ta the bank an’ then back ‘ome.  No bus today.

“Which bank? I’ll walk you over. They’re driving nuts today.”

“The one on the south-east corner.”

Star nodded.  “I know the one.”  She formed an image of the front steps of the bank and looked for the gate.  After a few seconds a patch of mist started to glow.  “It looks like we’re clear now, so let me walk you over.”  She started to reach for his arm.

“I can fin’ my own way.  Jus get me pointed in the right way, ya got me turned around.”  He started to move forward, moving his cane back and forth to detect obstructions.

“I’m sure you can, but I want to make sure you get there safely.”  Star gently took his elbow and directed him towards the soft glow.  Just before they reached it she opened the Gate back to their world.  They came out a few strides short of the steps, next to some bushes that were in need of a trim.  Star glanced over her shoulder, noticed that the handicap parking spaces were empty, the cars closest to them looked to be empty, and sighed.  “The first step is two strides in front of us,” she told him.

She half guided him up the steps to the front door.  When she reached for the door to open it, he stopped and turned towards her.  “I can get it from here, Miss.  Thank you for your assistance.”  The hint of not quite indignation stopped any protests in her throat.  No, he really didn’t need any help.  And if she stuck around he could start to ask questions, questions she didn’t want to try and answer. 

She wished him a good day and stepped back out into the rain.   She needed to go get her purse and then decide if she wanted to go on to the office or just go back to the shop and see if her truck was ready.

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