The Wave

Whether you’re left or right, knowing how to think for yourself is important. Blinding going along with someone can lead to disasters.

I know how hard it can be. When you are the outcast you desperately want to be included. When your friends all want to do something, you go along to get along. But there comes a time when you must decide, are you part of the crowd or can you think for yourself?

In 1981 a “short film” was released call The Wave. It is based on an actual event in 1967. A few years later it was part of the ABC Afterschool Special series. Today it is hard to find. My sister has been hunting for it off and on for years. This week she was finally successful.

It’s just over 45 minutes long and worth the time. Watch it, look around you at the world today and see if you recognize the signs, and then pass the link along. The Wave

Never Again!

(Free version of WP does not allow embedding of video, please follow the link.)

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