He is Risen, Indeed! — See, there’s this thing called biology…

I realize it is not yet Easter, the time we traditionally would say such things, as if Jesus were only resurrected on one Sunday in the spring, the rest of the year being tucked away safely in the back of a closet somewhere. Just the same, He is risen indeed!

We serve a resurrected Lord, who rose on the third day and that tomb is now empty. He came to set the captives free and He came so that we might have life and life abundant. We are invited into a relationship with Him, invited into resurrected life, with Him.

He is Risen, Indeed! — See, there’s this thing called biology…

I’m not going to copy the entire post, go over to IB’s page and read the whole thing. But a couple of things caught my eye.

We will all get sick and die. Our current physical bodies will not last. They all have an expiration date. Our days are not promised. But the good news is, we are not simply our physical bodies. We have a soul!

This, right here. No one is going to get out of this alive. Baring the Rapture happening very soon, everyone alive today is going to die.

Jesus went out there and hugged lepers and yet we cower in fear over a virus and try to justify ourselves with lectures about submitting to governing authorities,

He also healed on the Sabbath.

You sure aren’t doing your loved ones any favors when you condemn them to separation, isolation, and loneliness at the end of their lives.

Sing it Sister, sing it.

2 thoughts on “He is Risen, Indeed! — See, there’s this thing called biology…

  1. And the Governor Of California was seen gathering together with other “Proper People” and all of them were unmasked with none of them caring about “safe distancing”. 😡

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