Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have, are currently, and who intent to wear the uniform and stand guard over this great nation.

Thank you to the families who also serve by standing watch while your service member is away.

God Bless and protect you all.

3 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. I read your dad’s post. Indeed he was a good man and deserves the respect of a grateful nation. I was in the funeral business for many years and tended to the funerals of many vets… a couple being from the Codebreakers. It would have been an honor to have been part of his ceremony… but even more so, to have shared a foxhole with him. I’m an ex-USAF cop.. and in an odd twist of timing, I never served directly in the line of fire in the war of my generation (they sent me to Iceland, of all places.. where I ended up part of Nixon’s protection). Anyway.. our politics are vastly different… but those are the blogs I tend to follow to keep apprised.


    • The essay was written by one of my friend’s father. She graciously allowed me to share it.

      My father did spend 9 months in S.E. Asia in 1969 as part of a B-52 Squadron. I never went in, I opted to pin on a badge instead.


      • That was the year I graduated. Similar in age. Even with yourself… wearing the uniform of law enforcement is surely a service to humanity as well. I left the cop business when I left the Air Force…. although, life does tend to play it’s funny ironies. After a professional career in management and entrepreneurship.. I am back to security work yet again.. for economic reasons, not desire. Life happens.

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