From: Papa Pat Rambles – Tiny Devotional for Wednesday, 10/28/2020

I saw this from a Friend in my blog roll this morning and had to share.

Tiny Devotional for Wednesday, 10/28/2020

A great GOOD MORNING to all my friends and neighbors out there in Internet Land! And to family who dropped by: sure, but we did get One Thing right. 

One who gives to the poor will never lack anything,
But one who shuts his eyes will have many curses.
Proverbs 28:27, NASB

Do you know people who have no place to live; who border on starvation because there is no food they can buy; who are clothed in rags culled from a garbage dump?

If so, you probably aren’t living in the US; if you are living in the US, then you know of some exceptional cases. Tell me if I’m substantially mistaken!

This morning, I’m not thinking about the no-money poor; I’m thinking about the no-hope poor. This is not to suggest for one second that we should ignore those who are without funds! Yes, GIVE, directly, or to one or more of the outreach programs which help meet basic subsistence needs. Send money TODAY!

Meanwhile, look around you, and identify those who are poor in hope. 

I know the most about poor-in-hope single parents, who always have the same day: Get up early each morning, after staying up late to do the laundry; shepherd the kids off to school; go clock-in at a hated job, the only job available. For too many single parents, they see an endless stream of dreary days ahead, with no hope of relief.

I know about talented, trained, hard-working poor-in-hope people, crushed by an economy that suddenly can’t use their talents.

I know about poor-in-hope people slowly emerging from a family’s collapse.

All of these are poor in hope; can you give anything to any of them? Seek an opportunity!

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