Odd Prompts – Week 42

The psychotic witch that passes herself off as a muse latched on to a spare prompt from the week 42 list (When we went to the grave, the body was missing…) and insisted that it was connected to the bits from Week 41 and 40. And that was all she offered. No hints how they are connected. *sigh* The last I saw of the hussy, she was curled up in front of the fireplace with a book in one hand and a glass of expensive Scotch in the other.

Discussions with my partner in crime netted some clues, but right now we’re as lost as the characters.

“When we went to the grave, the body was missing.”   Star leaned back in the chair and took a sip of her drink.

“And?”  Dominik prompted.

“And what ever happened, happened several days ago.  The dirt was dry.  There were no obvious tracks, no trail, physical or supernatural.”

“I presume” he turned to look at Robin, “that you did an “Echo”.”

Robin gave him a long, expressionless, stare that lasted nearly a minute before responding.   “I prefer to exhaust more … mundane leads before resorting to magic.   There is still a good deal of ground work to cover first.  If we fail to learn anything using traditional methods, we’ll employ less traditional methods.”

Star took another sip, using the glass to hide a grin.  To those that knew her, that long stare from Robin usually meant that she was either envisioning someone dipped in batter and deep fried, like tempura, or was trying to work out a diplomatic response to perceived idiocy, or both.  “We have a few things we can check out, like seeing if Ivy Hill or any homes in the area have security cameras that have caught someone coming down the paths, or near that back gate, after normal hours.   The hole wasn’t made by supernatural means; it appeared to have been made with a shovel or shovels, so someone had to have brought in digging equipment.”

Dominik frowned.  “Since we’re not interested in taking this to court, why the hesitation in using “less traditional” investigation methods?  We don’t need mundane evidence.  We need to get this resolved.  It’s unlikely that a Mundane would be interested in a hundred year old body.”

“Normally, I’d agree,” Robin told him.  One eyebrow twitched slightly at the idea of agreeing with Dominik.  “But that swamp slug DC saddled us with is so afraid of attracting attention that he wouldn’t even consider anything more than a surface reading.  Fortunately we managed to talk to a couple of groundskeepers; there had been no orders to exhume the grave and it hadn’t been open for more than a few days.  At least no one had noticed an open grave when they were in the area last week.”

“He seems to have interpreted the Injunction to mean no Non-Mundane methods, period,” Star added. 

“I suppose we should be glad that we’re being allowed to conduct the investigation.”  Dominik sighed.  “Monocacy could have decreed that none of the involved braches could be involved in the investigation.”

“The current theory is that this party, or parties, unknown, dug up the Magus’ body, transported it to Wakefield, used said body in a bastardized summoning spell,” Star summarized.  “That’s the what, and a possible how, but the who and why we still don’t know.”

“If they had some form of protective circle, as any half-way decent Adept would, the demon would have been a sitting duck,” Robin added.  “Right now, we are thinking an inactive Custodian who is opposed to the treaty, or perhaps a Sentential who was late manifesting and now has a grudge against the Collegium.”

“Swamp Slug keeps suggesting that our Unknown is a rogue that no one’s noticed.  But he can’t explain what their beef with us is.”

 Dominik took a sip of his drink and sighed again.  Things were not looking promising.  “I appreciate you’re coming here to give an update.  I’m sure it’s not you normally do things.”

“Actually,” Robin set her drink down and moved to stand up, “it’s not that uncommon.  In personal interest cases, most of them are more comfortable talking in their home.  We do what ever makes the client more comfortable.  In this case, it suits everyone.”

Star rose and smiled at Dominik.  “We’ll keep you posted on any new information.”

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