Food delivery services – are they worth it?

Everyone’s heard about the take-out delivery services: Grub Hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats, I’m sure there are others.

We’ve tried two of them and frankly, I’m not overly impressed. If something is wrong with your order the companies don’t give you a refund, they don’t have the restaurant redo the order, they give you a credit. Item missing? Credit for the missing item. Wrong item? Ditto. Make you wait an hour? Credit.

Back in ’18 we had an order that almost didn’t get delivered. The delivery time came and went with no food. An hour after we ordered the food we called the restaurant and were told it was ready, had been ready, and the driver hadn’t arrived, but they had been in contact with the service and someone was on their way – no they could not redo our order. When the food finally arrived we asked what the hold up had been – supposedly the pick-up request wasn’t sent to the driver until 5 minutes after the food was supposed to have been delivered.

We were told we’d get a credit. I never saw it.

Fast forward through 18 and 19 and various missing items, all of which we were supposedly given “credit”. Funny how I never see them, but to be fair, my sister is usually the one doing the ordering, so they may be giving the credits. But then the only thing you have only one item in the order and that is the one they didn’t have, that credit doesn’t mean anything. I can’t eat a credit. One of the services decided to lock our account and force us to create a new one. We still don’t know why.

Today nearly tops the list, and has me seriously considering junking the whole idea. We ordered from a local diner/pub. 10 minutes after the food was supposed to have arrived we get a call from the driver. I thought he was saying that he couldn’t find our house. Eh, not the first time. I give him our address, 3 times, and go back to waiting. He shows up, without the food. Turns out it wasn’t us he couldn’t find. He couldn’t find the diner/pub. We’ve been there one time, but I do know where it is so I give him directions. To be fair, it is not an easy place to find, it’s kinda in an out of the way place, on the 2nd floor. I’m cranky, my sister is getting cranky, brother-in-law is cranky; everyone one snapping at each other. Several minutes later the tracker shows him some place, but we can’t tell if he has the food or not, so we call. Food is still sitting there. Tell them I will come pick it up. Grab keys and wallet, head for restaurant. The food has been kept under a heat lamp, so it isn’t ice cold, but it also is not fresh and hot. I call home and tell them I’m on my way back, with the food, contact delivery service and request refund.

Food was okay, but between being under heat-lamp and microwave heat, my burger was over done and I ended up having to cover it with A1 sauce (which is a big hint about how it tasted).

Response from delivery service? A credit for 1/6th of the price of the order. A credit for a service that I am seriously considering terminating. Oh, they did say they would refund the driver tip. Wow. If I had been dealing directly with a restaurant, the food would have been made right or we would have gotten a full refund. Not a happy camper right now. (Ok, that hasn’t always happened – a local Popeyes has lost us for good because they kept messing up, never made good on their mistakes, and corporate didn’t care.)

I’m thinking these services are not worth it. We pay more in service fees and delivery charges than I would pay in gas to go get the food myself.

10 thoughts on “Food delivery services – are they worth it?

  1. I’ve never used such things.

    I have ordered for delivery Pizza but there the delivery person works directly for the Pizza Place.

    Still, I don’t blame you for not continuing these “services”.

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    • Last time I had a problem with our pizza, called the shop told them what was wrong. I was asked do you want us to redo the pizza or a refund. We got the redone pizza.

      The services don’t really care. I guess they figure you’re going to blame the restaurant. Except when it obviously isn’t the restaurant’s fault. In those cases, the restaurant has their money, they were contracted by the service, not you, so you being happy isn’t as high a priority as if you ordered in person. meh.


  2. staying with my son and his family in Atlanta during much of this quarantine mess, they tend to order in a lot…more than I care fore…but with a chaotic young family, it can make sense because we are all exhausted by day’s end…the food is usually cold, soggy, late and always expensive.
    I am not a fan.

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