Odd Prompts – Week 40

A first I wasn’t sure I’d have anything for Odd Prompts this week. I barely looked at the prompts. I started new job and trying to get accustomed to getting up in the mornings has been a bit difficult. I feel jet lagged, off by four hours.

I looked at them again this morning and noticed one spare that had promise: There was a broken pencil in the special delivery box.

Maurice stared at the special delivery package.  The contents of the pouch, as simple as they were, alarmed him.   ‘As if this year wasn’t bad enough,’ he thought.   Pulling out a cell phone, he dialed a number from memory.

A sleep fuzzed voice answer.  “Whu?”

“Dominik, come to my house – now.”  He ended the call before Dominik could ask any questions.

Across the room, his wife had laid her book aside and was closely watching.  “Maurice?”

“Agnes, love, would you please contact the other local Magus’.  We need to call a Summit.

“Of course.”  Agnes rose and walked to the secretary and unlocked a drawer.  “May I tell them why?”  She pulled out a small black book and started flipping through the pages.

Maurice spilled the contents of the pouch onto the coffee table, two ends of a broken pen rolled out.  “The Treaty has been broken.  We need to find out who, when, where and why.  And we need to do it quickly, before more blood is shed.

If you liked this why not hop over to More Odds than Ends and read more.

Feeling the slightest bit creative? Grab a spare prompt and join in the fun. Or send in a prompt (oddprompts@gmail.com) and get one in return. The result could be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essay, vignette, art… whatever your prompt sparks for you. We even have a couple of people using their prompts to do a novel.

There is no word count. Just create something.

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