Odd Prompts – Week 15

This weeks prompt from Cedar proved to be rather difficult.

“The chicken is a basketball sized bundle of greed and hate”

Problem … I was Air Force born and suburb raised.  All I know about chickens is that they taste good, especially fried with a side of mashed taters and green beans.  Is a basketball sized chicken big, average, what?

My mother had chickens as a kid.  I remember her talking about how mean a certain Rhode Island Red was, but I don’t know how big he was.  Er, all I see is that plucked, carved up version if you know what I mean.

And then there is the issue of the size.  Basketballs come in various sizes, depending on the age and skill level of the players.  Are we talking NBA, NCAA or High School ball?

Off to do some general research.   Average NBA ball is around 9″ in diameter … is a 9″ wide chicken big?  (see above)  More research.   I find weights of chickens, but nothing that tells me how big they are.  Closest I come is one page that tells me the height of some of the birds.  A Jersey Giant stand around 2′ tall.  Okay, I recon that would give me bird about the right size sitting down.  Down side, supposedly Jersey’s do not have the attitude to be bundle of greed and hate.  So maybe this one was crossed with a RiR?

Robin sighed and leaned against the stair railing for a moment.  When they’d first opened the business having a second floor office hadn’t seemed that bad.  Of course they had failed to take into consideration long days.

Star barely glanced over at the door opened, pausing just long enough to wave before turning back to her conversation.  “I don’t know Rhea.  I’ve got a couple of birds in rehab right now.

Robin kicked the door closed with her heel and gave her sister a half wave as she headed for the back office.

“Robin you might not …” Rhea tried to stop her sister from opening the door.

Robin got two steps inside before stopping and staring.  There was a mass of black feathers sitting in the middle of the room.  At first glance it looked like a black basketball; a basketball with eyes that were glaring at her.

The feathered basketball stood up and fluffed his feathers.  Robin backed out of the office and closed the door when he started coming towards her.

“That’s a chicken.”  Robin pointed at the door.

“Yeah.”  “Uh-hun.”  Star and Rhea answered.

Robin peeked through the door.  The chicken was standing just inside glaring at her.  “A rather big chicken that looks pissed.”  She closed the door again and turned around.  “Why is there a chicken in the office?”  There was a pregnant silence in the room.  “You guys aren’t planning on making that dinner or anything?”

Star chuckled softly and shook her head.

“Would you believe he’s a murder suspect?”  Rhea asked.

Robin glanced over her shoulder at the door, recalling the fury she’d seen in his eyes.  “Actually, yeah, I would.  But that doesn’t explain why he is in my office.”

“I needed someplace I could secure him.  He got out of his box just as I got here and ended up in there.  We closed the door to keep him in.”

“We tried to get him into the file room, but the bloody bugger insisted on staying in your office.  Wanted more space I guess.” Star added.  “Truth be told, I’m just glad he didn’t insist on having the entire office.

“You couldn’t just call Animal Control?”

“Animal Control would probably put him down when he tried to attack a human.  I remembered that you guys were in semi-rural areas and had big yards.”  Rhea gave her a hopeful look.

“My property backs onto a nature preserve; I have predators that come through every night.  Although, that sucker might give them a run for their money.”

All I got for now.  I may have to come back and figure out how and why a chicken became a murder suspect.

I had to stand the prompt on it’s head, and stretch it out a bit but I did manage to get the size, hate and demanding the entire office is rather greedy.  😉

Ceder has my prompt of “Someone who has always been an enemy offers to help.”  The last few weeks she has worked the prompts into a running story.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does.


5 thoughts on “Odd Prompts – Week 15

  1. I love it! Chicken as a murder suspect is great. So here’s the thing about chickens: they have personalities. But really all they want to do is eat everything. We’ve had roosters that would tolerate a toddler packing them around in their arms. I’ve had hens that would cannibalize their weaker sisters.

    There’s a reason I no longer keep chickens!

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