How low have we gone?

I was link hopping and ran across this article talking about the closing of beaches in Virginia and the difference of interpretation of the order. . (The author of the piece feels that the order is over reaching and that the local police are being too zealous.)

As I am sometimes wont to do, I read the comments. (yeah, yeah, rule # 3 – never read the comments)

That’s when I ran across this.

Eric An hour ago   · 0 Likes

Kerry, you’re not taking human nature into account. I’m sure that you and a lot of others would practice social distancing while sitting on your beach towels. However, a lot of other people would take such permission as an indicator that COVID-19 isn’t that bad and, therefore, it’s business as usual. This epidemic is a worse enemy than Nazi Germany was in WW-2. During WW-2 we rationed everything. Perhaps we should be thankful that the beach is all we have to ration this time.

“This epidemic is a worse enemy than Nazi Germany”

I tried to respond. I do not know if it went through. The site wanted me to log in or post as guest.   When I click to post as guest it cycled back to the log-in.  The comment is not showing. The comment could be sitting in the spam filter or it could have been lost since I didn’t want to register for the site just to post one comment.

Here is my response.

“This epidemic is a worse enemy than Nazi Germany”

Please go back and re-read what you wrote. Do you honestly believe that an unthinking virus is worse than the deliberate attempted genocide of the Jewish people by Nazi Germany?

I’d think that rounding up people, forcing them on cattle cars to concentration camp, and the mass executions of those people to be far worse than a virus, especially one with over 95% survival rate.

I am saddened and very disturbed that anyone could say that a virus is worse than the Holocaust.

No, it is not worse than Nazi Germany.  The virus does not care who or what you are, it attacks all. The Nazis were deliberately choosing their victims.

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