Why Does Christian Fiction Suck? — Odd Librarian Out


If the Bible is the Greatest Love story ever told, why do Christians suck so much at telling it.

Let me lay my cards on the table. If you’ve read this blog before and haven’t figured it out by now, I am a Christian. I grew up watching Superbook, Veggie Tales, The Flying House, and that Stories from the Bible made by Hanna-Barbara.

I’ve read The Red Tent, and The Shack, I’ve seen God’s Not Dead, I’ve even seen a musical about Ester, that desperately wants her to be Cinderella. These books and movies are all awful. I want to know: why?

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Handle’s ‘Messiah’ and Dantie’s Inferno are all great works of art. Some of the greatest art, music and works of literature in history were created by Christians.

So why do modern Christians creators suck so bad?

I think there are three main reasons: We shy away from important issues, We’re more concerned with painting ourselves as the good guys than we are about telling a story, and we are more concerned with emotional validation than growing in wisdom and faith.

Read the rest of her argument here: Why Does Christian Fiction Suck? — Odd Librarian Out

How ’bout it folk, do you agree?  Do Judeo-Christian fiction writers miss the target?  Or are there good Judeo-Christian works out there, stories that are not more emotional validation gooshie stuff than good stories about faith?

I suggested that she read Jane Lebak’s work, I love the Father Jay stories.


2 thoughts on “Why Does Christian Fiction Suck? — Odd Librarian Out

  1. I’ve written what I think a killer alternate history about the Apostle Paul within a science fiction context. I can’t share it because it’s still (theoretically) being considered for an anthology. Mysterion, a speculative fiction Christian periodical passed on it, I suspect because it was too Jewish. Personally, I think it’s a really compelling tale and addresses one of my pet peeves about Paul and his not developing a disciple to follow in his footsteps after him bringing the goyim (Gentiles) to a knowledge of the Jewish Messiah King.

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