let sleeping dogs lie – Pt 2, sorta.

I wrote this several years ago for a different prompt, but looking back over it, this could also be a response to “let sleeping dogs lie”.  😉

Here’s the opening.

A Dog’s Eye View:

 Flash raised his head and looked across the room.  His human was holding the talking box.  Her voice sounded calm and reassuring, but her body indicated disappointment.  She set the box down and noticed him watching her.  She twitched her lips in the odd snarl humans used when they were amused and started talking to him.  He recognized the sound symbol for her sibling, suggesting that her sibling was the voice on the talking box.  She came over and sat down on the couch, then picked up the book she’d been reading, disappointment radiating in every move. 

After a few seconds Flash hopped up beside her and laid his head on her lap.  It took several page turns and a couple of nudges of his nose against her hand, but she finally made that rumbling noise she gave when she was enjoying something.  She laid the book aside, rubbed his ears and started talking to him.  “out”? she asked.

Flash hopped down and trotted to the door, enjoying the sound of her soft rumbling.  She caught up with him at the door, picking up the leather harness she insisted he wear any time he left their home.

His harness in place, her jacket on, they went down to the river for a good run.  On an open, grassy, area she stopped to pull a disk from her bag.  Flash spotted the disk, yipped in pleasure and gave her a “let’s play” bow.   She let the disk fly, hugging her jacket close as he pivoted and raced down the riverbank to catch it.  He returned the disk and begged her to throw it again. 

They played on the banks of the river for a long time.

Flash brought the disk back again as a group of young humans came over.  She stiffened up, indicating she did not welcome their presence but they insisted on trying to talk to her.  He dropped the disk at her feet and rumbled a warning at the other humans.  These humans were not part of their pack, or of their social group; he lowered his head and moved a step forward, baring his teeth and staring at the apparent leader, indicating that they were not welcome.  His human laid a hand on his shoulder and she made soothing noises, a couple of seconds later the other humans left.

The full story is linked here:A Dog’s Eye View

The story was supposed to be told from the pov of the pet.  It got rather interesting trying to work out how a dog might view our world.  (especially considering that I am not a dog person)



2 thoughts on “let sleeping dogs lie – Pt 2, sorta.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Considering how old that piece is, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it. But it does fit one take on Becky’s prompt. Best (for that crook anyway) to have left that dog sleeping.


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