Odd Prompts Week 5

Time and the muse cooperated and I was able to finish the Week 5 prompt.

This was from Becky Jones (oddly I didn’t notice that I got her prompt two weeks in a row until I was posting the Week 6 response.)

You’re an officer on a space ship. Your ship is a first landing on planet Earth. Upon landing with your “away team” you find yourselves in the midst of some weird and frightening (to you) Earth/human activity/ritual/celebration. Humans seem to find it perfectly normal. What did you land in the middle of?

I combined the weekend festivities with the idea of what if some alien race mistook the most populous race as the dominate race.

Landing Party

Regher fought to keep the dismay from showing as he received his instructions:  Go investigate the planet they were orbiting.  It wasn’t too bad when the planet was uninhabited, or the planet wasn’t overly populated, but this planet was inhabited and there were signs of life on every land mass of appreciable size, even the one that was covered in ice.  Anytime he had to link to a different race, he felt soiled for days.  Keeping his expression as bland as possible; he genuflected and headed for the pod.   On his way he studied the various life forms.  The most populace species lived on almost every land mass, except that frozen land.  There was also a large species that seemed to serve as builders for the main species.  He pondered if he should try syncing with the major species or the builders.

By the time he reached the door to the pod he’d settled on the major species, figuring he would probably learn more from them.  A few moments later he found himself riding along with a local representative of the species in a dimly lit room surrounded by those large builders he’d read about.  His mount sat along the wall under a protective ledge calmly eating.  The builders were apparently on their rest period, they were sitting around eating their own food.

Regher noticed that the builders were watching some view screens on the walls.  Some kind of education he thought.

His host moved a few feet down the wall and surveyed the builders before grabbing more food.  The builders made noises and wave their limbs about, but his host paid little attention to them, only checking to see if one was approaching for instruction.

Regher’s host has worked his way partial around the room when something on the view screen excited the builders.  Several of them stood up and started making loud noises.  Some of them even threw food at the view screen.

The host pulled back under a ledge and watched for the builders to calm down.  One that seemed to be a leader yelled and tried to get them back under control.  Perhaps that one was well behaved and had been given a position of honor.

More food was thrown at the view screen and the host moved to clean part of it up.  This must be a prosperous planet, if they can afford to throw food like that, Regher thought.

The builders were not quieting down; in fact they seemed to be getting louder, their shouts taking on a rhythmic tone.  Did they have some form of rudimentary language?  One group was getting especially loud while a separate group was quieting down.  Regher thought that the atmosphere was tense, that something was going to get violent.  He encouraged his host to find someplace less dangerous.

The host was inclined to cooperate and quietly left the builder’s rest area, moving out into the night.

How strange to domesticate a species that was so much larger, and capable of harming the masters.  But every world had its own rules.

Outside the air was cool, but his host didn’t seem to mind.  The host looked around before scurrying through the dark towards another building.  A few yards down the pass-way a dark shape flowed out of a metal container that smelled of food.  So much to spare Regher thought.   The creature made a low sound that seemed to alarm the host.  It made a sound and Regher got the impression of “death bringer”.  So, the dominate species was not at the top of the food chain.  While not unheard of, it was uncommon.  The host backed up and tried a different route, one that did not go near the food bin of death bringer.  Death bringer did not follow him.

The pass-way was dark, and smelled glorious, but the host didn’t seem inclined to investigate the smells, it was more interested in working its way in to another building.  How strange that everything around appeared to be of a size to accommodate the builders, not the masters.  They must be generous leaders indeed.

Inside the building were more builders.  These seemed less energetic than the others had been.  These huddled on furniture built to hold them, pressed together for comfort.  One of the smaller builders saw the host and squealed.   Regher wasn’t sure if the sound was one of joy or not, but the host seemed to find it painful, it ducked under a chair and quickly made its way away from the builders.

Back outside the host made its way into a small tunnel that was just the right size.  Cool and dark, this tunnel made no turns so the host could only go forward but had no fear of being attached.

The tunnel finally ended in a larger one.  This tunnel was larger with a dim light.  It smelled of wet, food and something else Regher couldn’t quite recognize.  It was here that he finally saw other members of the master race.  They squeaked greetings at each other as the host jumped into the water for a swim.

Before breaking the connection Regher looked around.  There was food and water to spare, plenty of shelter and space.

Given time the host and its fellow masters could be taught to use tools for themselves, to raise their own food, and break the dependence on the builders.  Once the dependence was gone, they could go about the job of removing them.  In the meantime, they could move in with the master race and move about without worry.  The builders would hardly notice them at first, and by the time they did, it would be too late.



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