North Pole Command: Social Media control

Back in ’15 I did this bit of fun fluff.   North Pole Command – 12/26

A post I ran  across brought this image to mind.


Skip scanned through the usual pre Christmas chatter on social media.  Most of it was “what I want”, marketing, some “keep Christ in Christmas” and other mindnumbing stuff.  Humans were so predictable.

Occasionally something would come up that would require him to do something besides read.   Kids that made fake accounts, add those to the list for Himself.  People spreading hate or lies, on the list.  One post talking about relay reindeer caught his attention.

Too close to the truth.

He looked at the profile:  Adult with children.


“Yeah boss?”  The meerkat popped up over the computer monitor.

“I’m sending you a link to a post.  I want you and Wallee to jump in and steer the conversation away from the topic.”

A grey muzzled wombat stuck his head around the corner of his desk.  “Eh, boss, that site has age limits.  Just some grownups tossing theory.”

“I know that Wallee.  I also know that kids fake accounts or get hold of their parent’s accounts.  And that doesn’t take into account kids walking by at the wrong time.”

“So, they get an idea that there’s more than one team.”

A small grey form jumped up on Wallee’s monitor.  “Legends speak of only nine deer, all male.  Magic comes from small humans believing in legends.  Cannot let small humans know, magic fade.”  The pika waved a tiny paw at the wombat.

“Canelle’s right.  Keeping the magic is getting harder with all this technology.”  A second meerkat popped up.

“Fine, fine” Wallee grumbled and crawled back under his headset.  “I’ll go talk at human.  Bah.”

Skip shook his head and scratched an ear.   He’s been working this crew for five years, two years as team lead, he knew they would get the job done.  The meetkats would jump in and start playing word games, the pika might start an earworm, the wombat would probably start an argument.  By night’s end the post would be derailed and and the magic protected once more.


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