Morning in Goldport — According To Hoyt: The Delivery

Over the weekend, Sarah posted this image and a query.

It’s a cold, clear fall morning in Goldport Colorado, when Orvan Ox parks his delivery truck — Minos Delivers, aka “What can Moo do for you?” — and walks out carrying a mysterious box. What is in that ornate box? Who is he delivering to? How will it be received?

via Morning in Goldport — According To Hoyt

The muse decided to expand on my original answer.  🙂


The Delivery:

The sound of a truck pulling up drew her attention away from the stove. Turning one ear back she listened to see if it was turning around or stopping. Lost travelers often turned around here without ever knowing how close they were to her home. Hearing the engine down shift to idle, she moved the pot off the flame and headed for the entrance.

Stopping a few feet short of the opening she sniffed the air.  She was expecting a visitor and a delivery. If it was the delivery she may have to change forms. Recognizing the scent she stuck her head out, whiskers fanning in a warm smile. Her favorite delivery person was about to knock on the “door”.

“Good morning, Orvan.” She looked up to greet the big Bullman

“Good morning.” His voice rumbled from somewhere around his hocks.

Her ears perked up and whiskers arched in a happy smile when she spied the ornate box in his hands. “Oh, it looks like my order of Jasmine is finally here.” She took the box from him and sniffed at the seams, inhaling the faint aroma. “I have water almost ready, would you care for a cup of tea?”

Flicking an ear, he glanced at his watch. “It is break time, or close enough. So, why yes, a cup of tea would be lovely. Thank you.”

“Good.” She backed up and motioned for him to enter. “Mind your head, the doorway is a bit low.” Waving a paw in the direction of the living area she started for the kitchen. “Make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to some cookies,” she called over her shoulder.

Stepping into the kitchen she quickly set about filling the tea pot with the hot water before opening the new package, tail twitching merrily along with a soft purr. The large infuser was filled and lowered into the pot to begin steeping while she pulled out a tray and two cups.

She came back into the living area to find Orvan contently chewing a cookie. Deftly filling the cups she set a large silver mug with two handles in front of her guest before filling her own, smaller, mug. “It is nice to have company I don’t have to change for.”

“I can imagine.” His ears flicked in amusement.  “You’re expecting company later?”

“The Writer is supposed to stop by sometime today, but I’m not sure when. You know how humans can be.” She waved a paw in a dismissive gesture.  “So I keep the table set. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to have some of this new Jasmine.  In the meantime, how have you been?”


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