Separation of State and Church

I ran across this article while playing follow-the-links.  (unfortunately, my browser crashed and didn’t keep the source page.)

Bill 360, introduced by Democrat state Sen. Jerry Hill, would “delete that exception for a penitential communication, thereby requiring clergy to make a mandated report even if they acquired the knowledge or reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect during a penitential communication.”

Growing up Baptist, and not a “good”  one at that, Confession is murky subject to me.  But one thing I do understand: anything that is said during confession is private, between the person, the priest and God.  Ordering a Priest, or any clergy member to violate that is akin to ordering a doctor to violate HIPPA or asking a lawyer to violate client confidentiality.  It cannot happen.  The Church needs to persuade the wrong doer to come forward.

To all those who have been crying “Separation of Church and State”*, saying that the Church should not, cannot, interfere in the State, the reverse is true – The State should not, cannot interfere in the Church.   If bills like this are allowed to pass, however “good intentioned” they are, the Church will become little more than an arm of the State Police and the sheep will cease to trust their Shepherd.

Read the article and see if you don’t cringe too.


*Never mind this phrase is not in the Bill of Rights and the average person shouting this has no idea what the real amendment says.

One thought on “Separation of State and Church

  1. “Won’t like” because some idiot might think I support that piece of sh*t bill.

    I’m Baptist as well but if the rules of the Faith require “Confessions” to be “between the confessor, the clergy and G*d”, then the State has no good reason to require otherwise.

    Of course, there are too many idiots out there who think “Separation of Church And State” only means “religious people/organizations must shut up”. IE It only protects the State. They see no problem with Government forcing religious people/organizations to violate the religion’s doctrine.

    We saw this a few years back when some idiot in California attempted to outlaw infant male circumcision. Apparently the idiot didn’t know (or care) that to Jews it is a religious requirement.

    Fortunately, thanks to another shithead spreading anti-Jewish shit, the first idiot had the bill removed from consideration.

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