Sunday Fiction Challenge and Promo — According To Hoyt

This was too fun to pass up.  My offering below.

For some reason I didn’t get a vignette prompt today. Either my faithful challenge-makers were busy or more likely the internet Hamsters ate it. So, instead, I’d like you to use the above visual prompt for the BEGINNING of a novel.

via Sunday Fiction Challenge and Promo — According To Hoyt

‘Almost Narnian, ’ I thought. As I studied the picture I couldn’t help but recall the scene from the third book in the series.  ‘Assuming you believed in talking Lions and Endless winters.’  Of more immediate concern was trying to figure out why there was a portal in the painting allowing water to flow out, across the couch and onto to floor.  The fact that the puddle in front of the couch wasn’t very large was another puzzle.

“Can you tell me when this started?” I pointed at the waterfall.  The shimmer of power around the frame warned me that if I tried to tamper with the magic behind it, I’d be in for a nasty shock.

“Last night, as the old ba …, er, lady next door got angry at me. We’re in the middle of a bleeding drought and she keeps watering her lawn every night.  Last night I told her if she didn’t stop I’d call the cops and report her.”

An older lady, with an apparent interest in water, capable of causing water to flow from a painting suggested he had crossed a water spirit. “Do you happen to know where she is from?”

“Where’s she from? I don’t know, Europe maybe.  What difference does it make?”

“Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything.” I started mentally cataloging the different water spirits.  At least I probably wasn’t dealing with one of African or Asian origin.   They tended to prefer talking to one of their own.   I turned and started for the door.

“Wait, aren’t you going to do something about this?”


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