About Those Covington Catholic Boys… — See, there’s this thing called biology…

I been watching the social media melt down, the allegations of racism, the harsh words for these boys, and the  insane response calling for them to be doxed, harassed, and persecuted. The internet can be an ugly place, perhaps because it reveals the truth of human nature, our tendency to rush to judgement, condemnation, and vigilante justice.

It so ain’t pretty. Especially horrendous to me, so-called sensible people posting things like “red MAGA hats are the face of terrorism” and assorted other things justifying the complete destruction, including death threats towards these boys,  children. Minors on school busses with chaperones for crying our loud.

And I knew too that if we waited long enough the truth would come out. The TRUTH that tells the WHOLE STORY and not the Mediated Reality media mongers want to use to deceive people, to create a false narrative, and to promote division and instability in our country.

Read the rest here: About Those Covington Catholic Boys… — See, there’s this thing called biology…

I am sorry to say that there are still people who are saying that the young men are at fault, that the claims of another group are a lie to protect the white men. 😦

People will see what they want to see. They think all young men are evil, or that all Trump supporters are vile, then those people will not see or hear the truth.

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