America’s Despair —

Some sane words on the Kavanaugh issue.

My original piece on the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, (America’s Disgrace) really stirred up the cesspit – as if it needed any stirring. (although to be fair a number of people also expressed appreciation).   Ironically the reaction to it kind of proves the points I was trying to make – the main one is simply that we don’t know what happened 35 years ago – and anyone who claims to do so, does so largely on their own feelings and politics.  Nonetheless that has not stopped numerous people writing and saying that they know what is happening.  I have been astounded at how many Christians (who should know that they are not the judges) are proclaiming “I believe her”, “I believe him” – as though what we “believe” has anything to say on the matter!

But as events continue to unfold it becomes clear that the mess that the US is in is far deeper than this particular sideshow.   One of the wider things that got some people especially upset was the claim that the farce currently being played out in Washington somehow indicates the decline of American civilization because of its growing rejection of its Christian roots.  Leaving aside the argument about whether America has Christian roots (that is incontrovertible but in this post- modern, post-truth world people can just make up history to suit their own prejudices and always find someone on the Internet who will agree with them!); and the upset that some people feel ‘ how dare you say that about America – your country is worse ‘- (it is, but this is not a competition!); the question remains – how does this case show what is going wrong in the wider society. I

I would add that where the US goes – we quickly follow (or maybe it is the other way round?).  These same signs of decay are already endemic in our culture.

read the rest of it at America’s Despair —  It is worth the time.

The idea of innocent until proven guilty and waiting until we have “proof” (evidence sufficient to prove) have been thrown out the window and trial by media (aka mob rule) has taken over.

3 thoughts on “America’s Despair —

  1. I think a lot of us are more or less saying the same thing. “I believe her” isn’t proof of anything. The Republican’s hired prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has issued a statement saying that it would be extremely difficult to convict Kavanaugh in court.

    However, Kavanaugh isn’t being tried in a court of law, he’s being tried in the court of public opinion, and as far as the latter “court” goes, he’s already been found guilty. The FBI investigation is a mere formality (and I’ll be stunned if the FBI can actually substantiate the allegations).

    I will say one thing about David Robertson’s follow up blog post. He says truth is relative as if that’s a bad thing, but there is a big difference between fact and truth. Facts are observable, recordable, and objective. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west are verifiable facts.

    Truth, on the other hand, can depend on a person’s perceptions and experience, which is probably why some folks, including Oprah Winfrey, talk about a sexually abused woman having “her truth.” This means that both Kavanaugh and Ford could be telling the truth and still be factually wrong.

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    • I have been oft heard to say that truth is a three edged sword. There is what you saw, what I saw and what really happened. (Which is why eye witness’ are not always the greatest thing to have in a trial.) People see/hear through a bias and no two of us have the exact same bias.

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  2. I wish I had the time to keep reading up on this, but frankly I don’t think that he’s going to get confirmed any more at this point. The fact they’re letting this drag out… *shakes head*

    The allegations should’ve been dismissed out of hand when they were brought in at the 11th hour as defamation and slander.

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