Vows — According To Hoyt

Sarah has, once again, offered us some interesting thoughts.

Humans are imperfect and transitory beings.  Our moods, attachments and directions, often change.  You don’t even need to scan the Ashley Madison ranks for that.  You just need to go to your local craigslist “Lovely puppy, two years old, moving in with boyfriend who doesn’t want him.  Free to a good home.”  (The ones who try to get rid of their elderly pets?  Those I want to shoot.  We have gone through this six times now, seeing a cat down to that final spiral, trying to keep them as comfortable as possible and give them as much love as possible because it’s going to be a long time before we see them again — yeah, I do know what theologians say. I don’t believe them.  Souls on the order of a human, no.  Able to partake their humans redemption? I believe so.  Otherwise Himself is not a gentleman — and OMG cleaning up stuff where they forget where the box is.  We’re going through this with an 18 yo now, and when he goes we have two not very far behind.  But they’re family members.  More importantly, they’re bonded to you and your family.  In this case, the vow is not spoken, but is there.  Upending their little world at the end?  Putting them in the hands of strangers who almost for sure won’t have our patience?  People who do that are SCUM.)

via Vows — According To Hoyt

fwiw,  Anyone who has ever had a companion animal come up to them when they are sick or in a dark moment, crisis moment, knows beyond a doubt that they have souls.

It is said that He knows when the smallest sparrow falls. If they did not have a place in the Eternal Kingdom, why would he notice?

But I digress, go read what Lady Sarah said.

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