Welcome to 2016

Happy New Year one and all.

As the new year dawns the first volleys of year over the 2016 Hugo Awards have been fired.  (Not the first volleys for the ’16 awards, nor the last, just the first for the calendar year.)




-sigh-  It didn’t take long.

In case it isn’t obvious – I am a Sad Puppy Supporter.  It was through SP3 that I learned what I need to do to add my voice.  I nominated and voted last year and fully intend to do so again this year.

There are some who would say that I do not have the “right” to express my opinions in the Hugo Awards since I do not do “fannish” things.  These people can do one of two things: A) they can admit that the award is a reflection of the best of SF/F for the preceding year as determined by the fans, and shut-up about new comers or B) admit that it is just an award from a smallish convention – one that has lost touch with the real fan base – and CEASE using the awards as a marketing tool.  [Seriously, compared to ComiCon, Worldcon is ridiculously small.]

In other words folks, you cannot have it both ways.  You cannot call it the *best* for SF/F while deliberately leaving out the majority of SF/F fans.

SF/F fans need to register for 2016 World Con so we can nominate and vote.  http://midamericon2.org/registration/

In case you don’t want to wade through it right now, here’s the critical details:

Attending – An Attending membership includes all publications, voting rights, and attendance at MidAmeriCon II. Cost is $185. 

Supporting – A Supporting membership includes all publications and voting rights at MidAmeriCon II but does not include the right to attend the convention. (Supporting memberships are mainly for fans who want to support Worldcon but expect to be unable to attend in 2016.) Cost is $50.

I can tell you that I got more than my money’s worth in reading material last year.  So, get in before the nomination window closes.

If you haven’t had a chance to start your own list, there is an excellent list of material that many fans have been suggesting for several months at http://sadpuppies4.org/sp4-recommendations-pages-and-faq/.




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