North Pole Command – 12/26

This bit of fluff was inspired by a conversation on Tempest in a Teardrop (My apologies for the mistype on the blog name in the first draft).

{Sorry, Quizzer, it was too hard to resist.}


Deep in the Arctic, in a well-hidden base, a Caribou Buck carefully studied a bank of computer screens while sipping on a mug of steaming coco. The center screen looked like it had a case of measles with all the red dots while the far right screen showed an arctic volley ball game in progress.  The Does were in high spirits after a long day of work.

“Tracking reports that Team 7 has reached base, safe and sound. Wally, what’s the status of the South teams?”

“All good, Mate.” The Western Grey Roo leaned back on his tail and tugged at his sweater trying to stay warm. “Had one case of heat in the Africa leg,” he added, listening to his headset. “Young Doe on her first trip out.”

“Forgot to hydrate, no doubt.” The Buck scratched his head where his antlers were already trying to grow back. Blast it, why did it always have to itch. “I wish the big man would stick to experienced Does in that region.”

“Skipper,” a young buck called out, “I just got a ping from a WWWR member  [transcriber note: World Wide Wildlife Rehabilitators]. Got a threat to quote release the team back into the wild unquote. She says we may want to check on them. Verbiage is quote too much like PAN unquote. [transcriber note: Peoples Animal Network]”

The lead Buck nodded and glanced across the room. “Ivan, you get that?”

“Da.” The big wolf flicked an ear. “Security Report Logged.  We will monitor the ISP.  That make 13 so far. Humans funny, no. ”

“Humans believe what they want to believe, even when the truth is right in front of them.”

“Dar!” A loud voice rumbled from the next room. “Tell your sister to quit cheating.” A massive form lumbered into the room.

Dar rolled his eyes and flicked an ear. “Oh, hi Pierre.”

“She is using her levitation again.”

“They have to offset the height difference, big guy. Your girl-friend will have to get use to it if she wants to stay at home base.”

“Jumping is fine, flying is not.”

“Fine, fine,” Dar waved a hoof. “I’ll talk to her. Skip, “he looked back at the young buck who was staring wide-eyed at the white form that was stooped over to keep from hitting his head on the ceiling, “tell our WWWR friend that everyone is back safe and sound and thank her for letting us know.”

Skip blinked then started typing furiously.

“Pierre,” Dar calmly addressed the bear, “you’re unnerving the younger staff. Please go back to the predators room.”

“You let the wolf stay!”

“Ivan, without his pack isn’t that dangerous. We could outrun him, if necessary. Sorry, Ivan.”

The old wolf shook his head. “Old Bucks are too stringy. Young Buck though…” he gave Skip a wide, toothy grin.

Skip pointedly stared at his screens, trying to ignore the predators. Working at N. P. Command was too prime a job to lose over being a speciest, and Social Media position was fun. “The WWWR contact says no problem and she has flagged the commentator for monitoring in their network.”  Five more hours before his shift was over and he could go watch the reindeer games.


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