Human intelligence has devolved

Reading through my blog roll today gave me a clue as to how far human intelligence has devolved.

The first one, mentioned by Nicki on Liberty Zone, gives an example of what I typically called “Platinum Plated Stupidity”.

I read it. Most of what this woman says is proof of how far down our education system has fallen.

“I urge President Obama to ban firearm possession in America. He is the president of the United States. He can change the country.”

I can only presume that she has never sat in a Con. Law Class. (Constitutional Law) Her total lack of comprehension of how our Government works is appalling. The President is not, nor should he ever be, a dictator and as such cannot make unilateral actions like the one she proposed.

“Firearm possession should be banned in America”

If she really understood concepts like criminology she would understand that criminals will not line up and turn over their guns. The only people who will be affected (and harmed) by this idiocy are the law-abiding citizens (or should I say subjects, since that is what we would be in her world) that would now be unable to defend themselves against criminals and corrupt governments.

The stupidity continued, but this comment brought me up short: “reduce high levels of male violence and usher in a culture of peace and civility”

Male Violence? What about Female violence? I can only guess that she has never heard of Mary Bell, Aileen Wuornos, Elizabeth Báthory, Juana Barraza, Carol M. Bundy, or Dana Sue Gray and never mind Lizzie Borden and Belle Starr. Or perhaps she does not consider strangulation and/or stabbings to be violent; maybe only guns are violent in her mind. But a couple of those women shot their victims, so maybe it’s a case of misandry.

My friends, women are not more peaceful than men. We are every bit as capable of violence as men. In fact the majority of child abuse perpetrators are apparently the mothers.

“Approximately 40 percent of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone; another 18.3 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone; 17.3 percent were abused by both parents (USDHHS, 2007).” Roughly 57% of the abusers were female. []

And it is not just here in America: “A British retrospective prevalence study of 2,869 young adults aged 18-24 (May-Chahal & Cawson, 2005) found that mothers were more likely than fathers to be responsible for physical abuse (49% of incidents compared to 40%).” []

Still think women the gentler of the sexes? Try reading this: “Women more likely to be perpetrators of abuse as well as victims” []

Really, she could have done with a couple of Criminology Classes.

Here is the original, if you want to feel your brain cells dying off.

The truly frightening part of this, she is a college professor specializing in Women’s Studies, which means she is potentially spreading her gross ignorance to susceptible young minds.

The second shining example comes by way of Brad Torgersen.

Clicking on the links in his post gave me this example of modern maturity:

“Convention attendance alone does not confer Trufannishness upon an individual. And I will bother to point out that plenty of poor fans – myself included – managed to attend conventions DESPITE their poverty because – and I think this is a key point – doing so was MORE IMPORTANT THAN EATING. In my personal case attending conventions was also more important than paying the rent on time, getting paid for missed days at work, going to the doctor for that persistent whatever, and a whole host of other choices I made in which I prioritized FANDOM over many of life’s so-called necessities.”

[here is the rest of that article:]

My initial reaction was somewhat unprintable. The second response involved the word idiot/fool in various languages. {No, I don’t actually speak other languages, I just know how to insult people in other languages.} I’d class this one as a defiance of Science: Life without Higher Brain function. Then I really looked at what they were saying. This, my friends, is not the mind of a reasoning adult. This is the mind of a person who is more concerned with immediate gratification, self, then in taking care of the basic necessities of life. “..more important than paying the rent on time…” This is the mindset of a five to seven-year old or of an addict. The person needs professional help. The frightening part here, they are not alone. There are throngs (yeah, an undefined number) of so-called TruFen that think and act like this.

Which brings me to something else.

I am a Science Fiction fan. People like the individual above would say that I’m not a real fan because I do not go to conventions, or do “fannish” things. My initial response is (again) unprintable. My second response is along the line of “You pompous ass, who the hell are you to tell me that I am not Fan? I was probably involved with SF before you were weaned off your mother’s tit.” (and that is the printable version, I’ll leave you to speculate on the unprintable version.)

I started watching Science Fiction at a very young age. I have memories of seeing Star Trek on a 13” Black & white TV in the late 60’s; right around the time period of the Apollo Moon Missions (which I also watched) I loved the idea of space exploration and would watch anything involving space up to and including things like “Lost in Space” and “Space 1999”. I started reading SF shortly after I graduated from “chapter books” to real novels. I have a modest collection of SF novels including works by some of the true Masters of the genre. Works that I would be shocked to learn the individual who would put Conventions before food have even heard of, let alone read.

As far as “fannish” things: My first experience with “fandom” came with Battlestar Galactica when I bought the posters and several books. I even did some limited fan-role playing and fanfiction. I’ve done some costuming, with help from a few friends. And I am an active member of one of the oldest, active, Dragonriders of Pern fan clubs.

So, yes I have done “fannish” things. I simply do not go to conventions. Having the attitude that going to conventions is “MORE IMPORTANT THAN EATING” does not make one a SF/F fan, it makes them a Fan of Conventions, of the attention they get. Or maybe it just feeds that addiction.

I am adult enough to know that things like keeping roof over my head, food on our table and heat for the winter are more important than running around in a hotel for a weekend. The Man-Child that wrote that piece still has some growing up to do.

I also know that despite being a bit of SF snob (as in, if you haven’t read the Big 3, you aren’t really a Science Fiction fan) I do not have the right to tell someone that they are not a real fan.  I may think it, but I won’t say it.  In part because I know there are others who have read/seen far more than I have and they would not hesitate to put me in my place.  -sg-

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